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10 easy steps to cook perfect pasta


PASTA SIPARIOAs promised in my previous post, here I am to share with you some useful tips to cook Italian food as Italians do! I wasn’t quite sure where to begin, but then I realised that in order to start posting recipes, I have to make sure first that the basics are clear. And I remembered seeing more than one person making huge mistakes when experimenting with pasta, and then wondering why their pasta didn’t taste like mine. In my next post I will give you ideas on how to make delicious sauces, I’m sure by then you will have mastered the “art” of cooking pasta.

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DIY: Jute Rope Coasters

I love DIY!!!

M&J Blog

If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, you might be a fan of nautical decor. This fun and carefree theme usually involves a combination of anchor art, navy accents, and definitely elements that feature rope. This DIY is for the sailors at heart and nautically-inclined. We’ve created a set of coasters using jute braid that are as simple to make as they are stylish.

What You’ll Need:

1/2” (13mm) Jute Tubular Braid

Long pins


Sobo Glue

1. Cut one yard of jute for each coaster.
DSC_0396 2. Glue the ends of the coaster so they do not fray.
DSC_0397 3. Start rolling the jute into itself, kind of like a cinnamon roll.DSC_04004. Start to pin through the jute to hold each area in place.DSC_0450

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4 Italian pasta condiments ready in 10 minutes (or less)



SalseWelcome back to our foodie talk!

In my last post I gave you detailed instructions to cook pasta to perfection, I hope that helped!

Now it’s time to make another step: you need something to add to your pasta.

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Summer burst

Lady Fi

Summer sun –

Bursting into

Golden flowers.

Summer burst copy

For more sun bursts, please visit: Skywatch.

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Watercolor Tips and Tricks

I love watercolours, I’ll experiment with these tips!

smile and breathe









? @emilykrasny

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Luxury on a Buget

I’ll give it a try!

Day by Day Alone

IMG_2624When things are tight and you struggle to keep the bills paid, simple things others take for granted.. like a hair cut.. take on a different value. I can pinch pennies and do without in many areas.. but skin care is not one of them. I may be aging but I refuse to look it. I am not into, nor can I, spend a lot of money to keep my skin nice. But I do spend more than others that are in the same stretching a dollar place I find myself. Buying the cheapest bar of soap at a place like Wal-Mart is something I now refuse to do.

At one time I figured all soap was the same and so proceeded to purchase bars that gave me the most soap for the least money. Then one day I ran out of my purchased stuff and had to use a bar of hand…

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Abstract Art My Passion.


This is my new venture at the moment. Coffee art. I started my exibition today at the r coffeehouse here in Wichita Kansas.

Iris Fletcher ABSTACT MY WAY

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The Bible Of Secret Fast Food Menus

Hilarious post from Long Awkward pause. Enjoy!

In the begining…

Harry Synder created In-N-Out Burger, and he said “Let there be burgers and fries and shakes and let it be good.”

And the public said it was good.

But the public is finicky and demanded special orders, and bun-less burgers, and meatless meats and Harry Synder saw unto this, and created the In-N-Out Burger secret menu….

And the internet said it was good.

Then “Animal Style”,  “4×4”, “Flying Dutchman” entered the ark, and the secret In-N-Burger menu soon became the not-so-secret In-N-Out Burger menu.

And the hipsters said it was bad.

For the hipsters demanded knowledge to be bestowed upon them that only they would be knowledgeable of, and went out 40 days and 40 nights in their Prius’s, and their Jeep Wagoneers, and their 1991 Toyota Corollas, traveling to and fro, and finally stopping at Starbucks to find their new secret menu.

Their journey uncovered the Butterbeer Frappuccino.

And it…

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The Sounds of Silence

Brilliant post by talented Stephanie. You can read this post as a picture of me 🙂

Listful Thinking

As verbose as some of my blog posts can be, I’m a pretty quiet person in real life.

I come from a family of bookish nerds, so I’m introverted by nature and nurture, which probably has something to do with it. Another piece of it is self-preservation, I guess. Years of observation have taught me that sometimes stupid things come out of people’s mouths. I still say the darndest things, so it’s not like silence makes me immune, but it definitely cuts down on the sheer volume of dumb things I could be saying.

Well. Sometimes. On the other hand, I can say dumb things without actually speaking.

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