Many fantastic DIY ideas!!!


Are you one of those who choose thrift shops over high street, and matte over gloss? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. We at TeenGazette bring to you the dummies guide to re-cycled fashion, through select videos from various fashion blogs and YouTube channels. So if you have an old favorite t-shirt you don’t want to part with, and if you have glitter, glue, a pair of scissors and 20 minutes on your hands, try these top 9 videos and add a little glamour to your life- the quirky way!

Let’s admit it. We all have had that time when we have a glamorous party to attend, but have no budget to go shopping. Or the time when we’re running late to work and bad hair presents itself? Well, FRET NOT! TeenGazette is to your rescue!

From scarves turned dresses, to revamped heels, we’ve covered all you’d ever…

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